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Founder's Letter

nancy alberts - Founder, Seven Bridges SchoolThe development of a vision, now known as Seven Bridges School, has taken over eleven years to reach maturity. A clear purpose, a sound philosophy, and a deep passion have enabled us to deliberately and slowly grow with no loss of purpose and vision. This singular vision of success now reaches out to a bright, gifted population who will lead us with choices for the future.

The research behind our program supports the symbiotic relationship between cognitive and affective processes in the school environment. The school community approach to skill attainment insures integration within the whole mindset of the learning child. The importance of a comprehensive liberal arts and sciences curriculum into a college-bound population is the overlying driving force to program completion for our students.

We believe that accommodating for the special needs of bright learners does not mean a diluting of academics. Our philosophy of analysis and synthesis thinking lends itself to enrichment rather than acceleration, thus the glossing over of knowledge and skills is avoided. Skills can be restructured and can be taught to the learner with a greater concern for the cognitive and emotional developmental readiness stages than for a concern with a standardized curriculum or a calendar.

Integration of organizational or executive abilities best enhanced with an understanding for the analysis, synthesis, and evaluative styles of thinking that motivate the bright learner. Inspired, informed instructors lead the student to discover his/her own style while mastering skills and knowledge necessary for independent study. Independent study is the foundation upon which a self-actualizing adult pursues a life goal and sustained happiness.

As this school continues to grow, we welcome all suggestions, research, and insights offered to us in the mode of construction for the well-being of our students, instructors, administrators, and parents.

--Nancy W. Alberts. M. Ed. Founder/President

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Orange Park, Florida 32073
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